Acctivate Purchase Order Importer

Using our Purchase Order Importer, new Acctivate users have the ability to export their open purchase orders out of various systems, including QuickBooks, into Acctivate. By simply exporting open purchase orders into a spreadsheet and then processing that spreadsheet with our Importer, users can transport hundreds of Purchase Orders in a matter of minutes — Start to Finish.

 Whether it’s due to outsourced purchase orders or a home-grown database, businesses will often find themselves with a need to import Purchase Orders on a recurring basis. If you’re trapped in a similar situation, our “Purchase Order Importer” is just what you need!

When downloaded, the “Purchase Order Importer” Software will run in demo-mode and allow you to import 5 Purchase Orders into your Acctivate Company File. This demo version only allows importing from QuickBooks reports. Once you’re ready for the unlocked version, simply Contact Us for a Product Key.

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One Time QuickBooks Import Edition - $195
Unlimited Import edition - $349

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