Adventures In Installation

One day last week, we went to a client site, anticipating spending a couple of hours installing QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions 10. This was our first update to version 10 after we had updated our office. We had hoped it would be an in and out job; however, this did not turn out to be the case.

It all started with the server and a lack of Hard Drive space. In the middle of the install, we required more room, yet none was to be found. After a couple of hours, and some creative application removal, we found our needed 900MB. Notice that I said “after a couple of hours.” We were hoping to be done by this time, but alas, we can only go as fast as the hardware we are working with.

We finally succeeded in getting the server up and running. Moving on to the bookkeeper’s machine, which was also a success. We were finally able to upgrade their Company File from a trial version 9 file to a version 10 file; at which point we were able to move on to the other systems in the office.

All of the other installs were going well, that is, until we noticed an error on one of the systems. Can’t recall the exact message but the gist of it was your system doesn’t have at least 500MB of RAM so we aren’t going to let you install this application. Needless to say, that system is still without QuickBooks®.

It ended up being a much longer day than anticipated and some things we would like to suggest after our 6 hour adventure, notice it was 6 hours, not the anticipated 2 …

• Newer systems for everyone, even workstations (this is for performance, 6 hour install vs. 2 hour install) • Be sure to verify all systems have at least 500MB of RAM • Verify you have 1GB free on all C drives, even if you will be installing the actual program on an alternate drive