Auto Numbering In Fishbowl

There are times when auto numbering is a very convenient thing to have, but there are other times when it creates trouble that we really don’t need.

One of these times is when we have two departments that utilize different numbering schemes for their sales orders. One department is happily moving along entering sales orders and all of a sudden their next number is hundreds or even thousands of numbers ahead or behind the last number they entered. After a few moments they realize that the number matches the format of the other department. How did that happen? Auto numbering! The system takes the last number that was used and adds one to it, then stores it in a hold location until it is called upon by the next sales order.  Again this is not always ideal.

This is something that recently happened with a client of ours,  and one of our recommendations to remedy this issue was to turn off the auto numbering feature in Fishbowl Inventory. This,  however, is not as simple as un-checking a check box. In Fishbowl you go to the Property Module (located in the Setup Module), from there  you will double click on the option you want to remove; in this case “Auto SO Number”, and delete it using the delete button in the menu bar. To turn this feature back on, go to the Sales Order Module (located in the Sales Module), click on Tools/Modules Options and check the “Auto-Assign SO Numbers” checkbox and enter the number for the next Sales Order in the “Next Number” text box.

This was not our only recommendation to fix the problem they were experiencing; however it was a rather simple one when it came right down to it.