Can’t Pay An Employee? Could Be A QuickBooks® Set-Up Issue

Question: We just added a new employee into QuickBooks® last week and I am trying to run payroll but the new employee isn’t showing up.  I have verified all the employee’s data and I can’t see why they aren’t showing up.  The hire date is 2/22, their earnings are filled in and the taxes are all setup, but I still can’t run 2/28 payroll for this one employee.  Why?

Answer: I began to review an employee record and scan for a field that might just cause such a problem.  As I completed the question, “What do you have in as the Payroll Schedule”, the customer stated that she fixed it.  I asked what the problem was and she said, “I didn’t have a Payroll Schedule entered.”

In this case it really wasn’t a problem with the software it was a simple oversight by the user.  But how often is that the case?  We often overlook something during set up no matter how hard we try to be vigilant.  This post is more of a reminder to always take your time and go slow whenever setting up anything within QuickBooks®.  The problems that improper setup can cause are not always as noticeable as “I can’t pay my employee”.  If you setup an item incorrectly you could cause activity in incorrect accounts which could go unnoticed for some time.  Once you’ve realized there is a problem it could take a while to determine the source of the issue, and in the mean time you could be having problems at all sorts of levels.

So the lesson here is take your time, fill in all the data, then double check, and triple check your information.