Fishbowl Inventory And ODBC

One of the questions we received last week was from a client asking how to setup the Firebird ODBC driver to work with Fishbowl Inventory. This is something we found to be a bit of a challenge about 10 months ago, the first time we tried to set it up.

The first thing discovered right off the bat was that you must have the Fishbowl Server application installed on the machine you are setting up the ODBC driver on. Our client did not realize this either, it was not in the video they had watched. Please note that you will never need to open the server application on this system, you simply need the files installed.

The other part of the setup process that seems to pose a bit of a challenge is defining the actual path to the database. If you are attempting to set up the ODBC driver on the same machine where the Fishbowl file resides then simply use the Browse button and point to the database. However, if the actual database resides on another system, for example on a company server, then you can’t use the Browse button and you certainly can’t use a mapped drive. You must actually specify the destination system IP address followed by a colon (:) then enter the actual path to the database file. Here is an example…\ProgramFiles\Fishbowl\database\data\TestComapny.FDB

After our client used the above information they were able to successfully test the database connection and move forward with their testing. If you have any questions about this setup process, please feel free to contact us.