How Do I Drop Ship In Fishbowl?

Why doesn’t my inventory appear in the drop ship section of the inventory module in Fishbowl?

This is a question we recently fielded from one of our clients.  After some review, we uncovered a training issue.  The folks in charge of inventory thought that because the default location for a part was a location called “Drop Ship”; this should make it appear in the Drop Ship section of the inventory module.  This isn’t so.

To properly drop ship an item you must add that item to a sales order.  Then you need to double-click on each line item you want to drop ship, changing the type of item from “Sale” to “Drop Ship”.  This selection is located in the top right corner of the window that opens after you double-click.  Once you save and issue the Sales Order, a Purchase Order is automatically created for each needed vendor.  Please note that for this to work you must go into the part module and specify a default vendor.  Once the Purchase Order is created, all you need to do is go in and set the ship-to address on the Purchase Order to the proper address.  Your inventory will now show in the Drop Ship section within the Inventory Module.

And that is how to properly drop ship items within Fishbowl Inventory.