Multiple Ship To Addresses

One of the things that mid-market level companies tend to deal with are multiple ship to addresses for their customers.  In some of the higher end, more expensive pieces of software, such as Exact/Macola this is something that is handled quite easily.  Quite honestly, QuickBooks® and Fishbowl do a nice job as well.  The issue we have found is with mass importing.

We were working on a data conversion and needed to get customer data out of the Exact/Macola product and into QuickBooks®.  This was not an easy task.  Getting the data out of Macola was not difficult at all; however getting it into QuickBooks® was a bit more of a challenge.  While we were successful in doing so, we ran into an unforeseen issue.  Through testing, trial and error we developed a process that we feel works the best and if you ever find yourself needing to import multiple ship to addresses into QuickBooks® please feel free to contact us.

Along the same lines, we discovered that when using the integration wizard to connect QuickBooks® and Fishbowl Inventory, only the primary addresses are imported.  In order to get additional ship to addresses into Fishbowl, you must do an additional import directly into the system.  In just a few moments we were able to create an import file that extracted the data out of Macola once again and format it for import into Fishbowl.

We have become quite proficient at creating import files that can be used to import large amounts of data into both QuickBooks® and Fishbowl.  Neither of these systems are very forgiving, and many lessons have been learned.  If you ever find your self in need of getting large amounts of data into either of these systems, and have neither the knowledge nor the abilities to create the needed files please feel free to contact us.  We would be more than happy to assist you!