Product Registration Tip

I have not been a huge fan of the  QuickBooks® registration process ever since version 10, when it became necessary to use an Intuit log in to register the product.  As Intuit Solution Providers we are able to order product for our clients and have it pre-registered, which means we get the validation codes with our orders.  With the Intuit login method this doesn’t really do much good as the client must still create an Intuit user name and password, which they might never use again.  However, there is a way around this process.  When you open QuickBooks®, click on Help and then About Intuit QuickBooks®…  With the Help window open click Ctrl+R+P and the old registration window will appear, you can then enter your validation code.  This is a much easier way to get the process done when you have clients who have never created an Intuit user name or if they do not remember the information.

Recently we received a call from a client letting us know that they had gotten a new computer and installed their copy of QuickBooks® on it.  After 30 days it was now asking them to register the product before they could continue to use it.  The individual whose login was used for the original registration was not in the office at the time, and there was work to be done.  We had saved the product registration number on the license key label, so we were able to use the method above to get the product registered and keep the client running with no lost time.

It’s little tips and tricks like these that are nice to have tucked away for occasions such as the one above.