QuickBooks® Error When Trying To Run Bank Reconciliation Report

We ran into a bit of a problem today while using QuickBooks®. When one of our folks was out at a client’s, they were trying to run a previous bank reconciliation report.  They ran into an error with this report, and only this report.  Luckily, they received an error number which led us to a quick resolution.  The error number was, “13748 49696,” which appears to be an issue that occurs after updating Adobe Acrobat 9.0.  Now I’m not sure if they just did an update to their Acrobat Reader, but I know that the update prompts pop up on my screen all the time.

The way we fixed this one is as follows:

  1. Open Reader, or Acrobat, click Edit > Preferences
  2. In the left pane select Internet
  3. In the right pane uncheck the Display PDF in browser checkbox
  4. Click OK

If the error recurred your next step is to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Acrobat 9.  We didn’t have to take this route, but just in case we thought we’d mention it.