QuickBooks® File Backup

Something we want to make sure we get out to you is the importance of doing a proper backup of your QuickBooks® company file.  We have seen one too many times where a client is backing up their entire hard drive to another location, say an external drive, another server, or something such as that.  In the world of QuickBooks® this simply isn’t enough.

We would suggest backing up your file a minimum of once a quarter using the built-in backup utility within QuickBooks®.  Doing this will clean out your transaction log file (the file ending in .tlg).  This file is used to track all transactions performed within QuickBooks® between complete backups.  Not doing so can lead to a corrupt company file and/or an unmanageable transaction log file.  If this were to happen and you have been backing up as recommended the Intuit Data Recovery Team can use your last complete backup and the .tlg file to rebuild your company file, minimizing any data loss.

To backup your file in the way we are discussing above do the following while in single user mode.  Within QuickBooks® click “File” > “Save Copy of Backup…” You should then be able to click “Next”, and “Next” again.  When the Backup Options screen opens choose the setting that works for you, but verify that you select “Complete Verify”.

If you have any question about backing up your QuickBooks® file please feel free to contact us!