Quantity on Hand by Lot Report And Using Lot Numbers in QuickBooks Enterprise

We’ve had a number of requests for a report that will easily show users their Quantity on Hand by Lot. On the surface this doesn’t sound like a very difficult request, in fact one might think this report is available inside QuickBooks. There is in fact a report in QuickBooks but you have to double-click […]

Custom Reporting Series at Intuitive Accountant – More About Reporting Tools

Donovan has posted his second article at the Intuitive Accountant, “QuickBooks Custom Reporting – A Series:  More about Reporting Tools.”  This article covers Xpanded Reports, QQube, QODBC and the Custom Advanced Reporting (CAR) tool.  To learn more about these tools have a look at the article, and let us know what you think.  Make sure […]