“Alembic Computer Services is a core business alliance and a contributor to our success. We have had the honor of working with Alembic Computer Services for the past 6 years (since we installed ACCTivate!).

We use Alembic Computer Services for all our ACCTivate! and QuickBook issues. Alembic has done many customized reports for us that have helped us with enormous benefits. The whole crew over at Alembic is incredibly attentive to detail, reliable, quick, helpful and super at communicating with us. We have had and continue to have a very positive experience with Alembic.

Many thanks to all at Alembic for their continuous input and support, we can’t say enough to them as they have pulled us “out of the fire” more than once!

Simply put…. Alembic is the best!”
Jim Blair
On-Line Electronics, Inc.
“It’s a little difficult to quantify the number of hours we're saving [using Treez-to-QuickBooks], but I can confidently say that performing the POS / Financial integration as a manual process with our current staff would be incredibly difficult, if not totally impossible. The act of pulling sales, bills, credits, cash movements and adjustments from 4 locations and manually entering them one by one would be an incredibly time-consuming task.”
IT Manager, SPARC
“Reports that used to take me a week now only take a matter of hours! The wizards at Alembic created a report that works directly with QuickBooks so I can see the exact information I need with just a click. Thank you!”
Gigi Hatch
Western Technology, Inc.
“Got everything I needed from the services! What had appeared to be a complex process… The consultant quickly adjusted to the process and it worked very well and became very clear to us.”
Lindsey Spratley
GAP Wireless
"I contacted Alembic Computer Services because we had some complicated report issues and data changes that we could not resolve ourselves. Donovan helped us by creating a couple of reports that were easy to use. I was able to change data (for over 400 customers) and import back into Acctivate in just minutes. One of my favorite things about this company is the personal touch, by calling instead of all over email. Donovan spent a great deal of time discussing our needs and making the necessary adjustments. I never felt like I was pestering him. We have now used Alembic several times and guarantee that we will use them again. I highly recommend Alembic Computer Services to any company with any type of data and reporting needs."
Theresa Sullivan
Working Concepts, Inc.
"I love simple! And [Multiple Address Importer] couldn’t have been easier. The excel template provided with the software worked like a charm. Several thousand addresses imported in minutes. Couldn’t be more pleased."
Linda Saltz, CPA
Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor
“My experience with Alembic has been 100% positive. They have produced a dozen customized reports for us for our inventory system ACCTivate!. They are willing to work with me through email, which works best for my schedule. Also, they turn around excellent results generally in 1-2 days, sometimes within the same day. Donovan and Andy are both great people to talk to and work with. They are always willing to give me a quote on the job before they do it, which helps me manage cost / benefits of having the reports.”
Jen Petrovich
BodyArmor SuperDrink
"Our local QuickBooks consultant recommended Donovan Sachs at Alembic Computer Services, Inc. and referred to him as “the nation’s best”. I found him to be efficient, patient, innovative and collaborative. The requested report was one of our most complex, and before, was an arduous, time-consuming monthly task to produce. Now, I can produce it on demand within seconds. I’m very happy with the end result and will definitely be a repeat customer."
DeAnna Heller
Controller, Western Energy Institute
“Did a great job at getting the project done and did it in a timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone who needs their files combined!”
Oliver Jackson
Nicol Scales LP
“We had several other QuickBooks® consultants try and do the report, but Alembic Computer Services and the QuickBooks® Resource Center was the only QuickBooks® consulting company that could come through on this custom report.”
Joe Kincaid
Western Display Fireworks, Ltd.
“They are miracle workers and I cannot say enough about how wonderful they are to work with. I would recommend them to everyone I know.”
Linda Carbone
Western Bailing Wire
“Everything went smooth! It was a relief not having to figure it out ourselves! Whenever we have a problem we will be contacting the QuickBooks® Resource Center!”
Maurine Michaelson
Micro Hybrid Dimensions