The Importance Of Good Hardware

Recently we had a client contact us for telephone support when they were unable to connect to their QuickBooks® 2008 Pro File.  We spent some time chasing a few error codes, but it didn’t take long for us to realize we were running in circles.  Taking a moment to sit back and think about the situation, we asked a few more questions about the hardware the client was using.  It came to light that the client was using a rather old, slow system; not only as a QuickBooks® workstation, but also as a QuickBooks® server.  As a temporary solution we had them move the QuickBooks® Company File to another machine, this way the file could now be opened at least.  However, our ultimate recommendation was that they purchase a new machine.  By the end of the next day they had a new Windows 7 based machine that was much faster than their previous machine, to say the least.

When this job was finally done, the company file was on the new machine, everything was networked, and the speed was awesome!  Not bad for a file that couldn’t be opened at all the day before.