What Does That Mean?

When you first sit down with a consultant here at Alembic Computer Services, Inc. there are several different acronyms that we might use. We thought it would be a good idea to go over some of these acronyms now, so that in the future you will be aware of and know what we mean, not to mention it will be a great reference.

ACSI – Alembic Computer Services, Inc.

ISP – Intuit Solution Provider

QBES – QuickBooks® Enterprise Solution

FB – FishBowl Inventory

FSM – Field Service Management

WM – Warehouse Management

VAR – Value Added Reseller

ODBC – Open Database Conversion

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

IIF – Intuit Import Files

CSV – Comma Separated Value

POS – Point-of-Sale (While ACSI does not work directly with this, we are partnered with another ISP who does)

While the list could go on and on we will end this one here and we hope that this has been helpful in getting to know some of the things we might post or say when we meet. Have a great day!