Acctivate Auto-Assign Lots

Assigning lot numbers to large quantities of sales orders can be a tedious and grueling process. But we’re here to help! Our Auto-Assign Lots Software will assign lots based on Expiration Date, Last Activity Date, and Quantity. Automatically assigning these lots allows our customers to easily prioritize their products based on crucial information. For businesses that rely on other criteria, our developers will work to create a custom solution based on individual needs.

The Auto-Assign Lots software works with the Sales Order Workflow Status to determine what orders need assigned lots. Simply set the Workflow Status to the option of your choice and off it goes. Auto-Assign Lots will look for any sales order with the specified status and assign lots to any lot-controlled product on the order. When complete, the program will update the Workflow Status to the status specified, indicating lots have been assigned.

When downloaded, the “Auto-Assign Lots” Software will run in demo-mode for five calendar days. The demo version is a fully functioning version of the software that can be used with either the Model or Live Acctivate Company files.

When launching the application the first time it will prompt for a License Username and Password. Use the following login info for the Demo License.

Username: AssignLotsDemo
Password: Demo

Once you’re ready for the unlocked version, simply Contact Us for a Product Key.

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Standard Edition - $1,500
Custom Edition - Contact Us