Enterprise Data Extract Utility

The fast and reliable way to extract data out of your QuickBooks Enterprise file.


Our Enterprise Data Extract Utility (EDEU) is used to extract data from QuickBooks Enterprise Fact using the Custom Advanced Reporting tool made available in version 12 and newer. This is a file based DSN that provides us with direct access to the QuickBooks data.

The other reporting tools on the market extract your QuickBooks data from the QuickBooks database and then use that secondary database as the source for your reporting needs. While this method works well it can be a slow process each time you need to update your data, especially when working with large QuickBooks files. Because we’re accessing views directly inside the original QuickBooks database there is no syncing required. This can make a world of difference when running reports or data extracts.


One obstacle that other tools face is with corrupt QuickBooks data. It’s inevitable that you will face data corruption at some point in the life of your QuickBooks data file. Other tools on the market use the QuickBooks Software Developers Kit and this tools doesn’t work well when it comes across data corruption. The file based DSN that is used in the EDEU is connecting directly to the QuickBooks database and therefore is not affected by these corruption issues. In fact there have been many times that we’ve used this tool to locate the source of data corruption.


Unlike the other tools that build their own databases allowing them to have prebuilt data sets the EDEU does not come with prebuilt tables and datasets. Instead we use custom built query files to extract the exact data you need.

You’re able to setup an unlimited number of Queries against and unlimited number of QuickBooks files.

The EDEU application is used to manage the opening and closing of the QuickBooks files and it executes the queries that are needed to extract your data. You’re able to extract your data into the following formats: MS Excel, CSV and Tab Delimited.

Each query creates a data file that can be saved anywhere on your local system, or anywhere you have access to on your network.

In addition to saving the output files you can even FTP these files using FTP and Secure FTP.


When everything is setup correctly the EDEU can be auto run using a Windows Scheduled Task.