Blaze-to-Xero Connector

Blaze to Xero

Alembic Computer Services has developed the perfect connection between Blaze and Xero. 

Our Blaze-to-Xero Connector creates accounting activity in Xero from your Blaze Point-of-Sale system in a matter of minutes. Whether you import once a day or once a month, it’s simple, easy, and FAST!

The Blaze-to-Xero Connector quickly creates summarized daily transactions for Sales, Cost of Goods Sold and Bills for Inventory Receipts.

With our flexible mapping, changes to Xero is kept to a minimum. Mappings is done using your General Ledger Accounts to Control Revenue & COGS and Inventory based on Blaze Item Types.

If your interested in learning more about our Connector contact us or reach out to your Blaze rep today.