Treez-to-QuickBooks Connector

Alembic Computer Services has developed the perfect connection between Treez and QuickBooks. Our Treez-to-QuickBooks Connector creates accounting activity in QuickBooks from your Treez Point-of-Sale system in a matter of minutes. Whether you import once a day or once a month, it’s simple, easy, and FAST!

Treez-to-QuickBooks quickly creates summarized daily transactions for Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, Inventory Receipts/Adjustments, and Cash Drops. It also uses your Treez system to create QuickBooks Vendors, Bills for Inventory Receipts, and Vendor Credits for Returns.

With our flexible mapping, changes to QuickBooks is kept to a minimum. Mappings include General Ledger Accounts, QuickBooks Items to Control Revenue & COGS, and Inventory based on Treez Item Type.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“It’s a little difficult to quantify the number of hours we’re saving, [but] I can confidently say that performing the POS / Financial integration as a manual process with our current staff would be incredibly difficult, if not totally impossible. The act of pulling sales, bills, credits, cash movements and adjustments from 4 locations and manually entering them one by one would be an incredibly time-consuming task.”
IT Manager, SPARC