Acctivate Custom Programming

Below are just some of the programs we have created for Acctivate. All of our custom applications that work with Acctivate are either manually initiated by a user or a triggered by a Windows Scheduled Task. We typically use the Workflow Status in in Acctivate to trigger on, but we can use any data point in the system.

Our Auto Assign Lots application is a ‘generic’ application and can be used by most Acctivate users. Our other applications are specific to the customer that requested them. Please contact us to discuss how our experienced programmers can create a solution that works for you.

This application allows you to assign lot numbers to your Sales Orders without going through the manual process line by line.  Our standard version assigns lots that expire soonest. If you don’t use expiration dates it uses the oldest lots first.

We have created a couple different applications that automatically insert line items into Sales Orders based on the products currently on the Sales Order. One version of this application inserts CRV Charges and the other version inserts by Bottle and Crate Charges. 

This application monitors Sales Orders and once they are flagged as Shipped an email is sent to the customer without user intervention. The application runs the Acctivate report, creates a PDF and sends that PDF to the customer. It also utilizes the Message Templates in Acctivate for the Email format.

We have created several applications that create transactions in one Acctivate Company based on transactions in a separate Acctivate Company. As an example we’ve created an application that creates Purchase Orders in Company A and a Sales Order in Company B based on Sales Orders in Company A. This allows the user to create a Sales Order for products they purchase from a parent company and eliminates double data entry for the user.

When receiving large numbers of Lot, or Serial, Numbered items it can be quite tedious and is prone to data entry errors. The application we created provides a streamlined custom data enter solution for the user, making it easier to get the data into Acctivate.

This application allows the user to import Sales Orders into Acctivate based on an XML file they receive from there web store.

This utility creates Inventory Transfer transactions based on the scheduled quantity on Sales Orders in Acctivate. This is done to accommodate inventory that has been sent to the customer but is not yet ready to be invoiced. This inventory is transfered to an In Transit/On Site Inventory Warehouse. This application creates Transfers for Serial Numbered products so the users doesn’t have to enter the detailed data, helping to reduce data entry errors. It also updates the Sales Order Lines to reallocate them to the new Warehouse.